Why Choose Dolphin Plastics & Packaging?

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a reputable family owned business in Queensland with years of experience in poly film manufacturing. We offer premium quality products, great personal service and a commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Wide Range of High-Quality Products

From polytube, centrefold and sheeting to industrial and food grade plastics, our range of high-quality plastic packaging products is extensive and suits a range of industries. Our team has more than 22 years of combined experience producing quality film products for industries such as, agriculture, medical/hospital, mining and food packaging.

We make the best plastic packaging in Queensland because we have a Quality Assurance and Quality Control team that is dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and requirements. Our manufacturing procedures and policies have been perfected to ensure that we produce the best film products that meet the most stringent health and safety requirements.

Excellent Customer Service

As a small, family-owned company, we can provide our clients with personalised service. However, our production and sales teams are also experienced and dedicated enough to handle large accounts and manufacture large product runs. Dolphin Plastics takes customer service very seriously. It is through your satisfaction that we are able to grow and improve as a plastic packaging manufacturer.

We take the time both during and after service to ensure we have met our customers’ expectations and we count on your feedback. Our team is always looking for new ways to improve our level of customer service.

Committed to Environmentally Safe Practices

You don’t need to fear the environmental consequences of the plastics industry with Dolphin Plastics & Packaging. We are passionate about finding the most environmentally sustainable and responsible ways to manufacture poly film and plastic. Our team has implemented a series of successful steps to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental pollutants.

For example, the installation of multiple ventilation machines helps to minimise the amount of carbon monoxide and ozone that is produced through the extrusion process. In addition, we have a recycling machine that recycles and incorporates any waste material into other goods so that we are minimising our landfill contributions.

By recycling plastic packaging material, like plastic shopping bags, off cuts, excess production material and wrap packaging, we make full use of all extruded poly film materials while conserving energy and keeping waste out of our waterways and natural environment.

Our onsite recycling program ensures that any plastic materials that cannot be recycled or processed on-site get sent to a specific recycling plant in Brisbane. Here, the materials are used to manufacture a wide range of other plastic products.

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