Plastics and Packaging for Festive Occasions

When people think of festive occasions – Christmas, Halloween, and Birthdays – we usually think about the people, food and gifts that surround us; however, what we don’t often pay attention to is the ‘atmosphere’ that creates that special feeling on a holiday. It’s the little things that add a special something and make occasions run smoothly. Creating plastics and packaging products tailor-made for special occasions is something we are very proud of at Dolphin Plastics.

Whether you’re a business that wants to spice up their packaging and bags during festive seasons, or you’re holding a private event that needs a special flourish, we have some great ideas for plastic needs that will suit your special occasion. 


Halloween is a time that brings communities together and requires a bit of effort on everyone’s part to make things special for the kids. ‘Trick-or-treating’ is increasingly popular in Australia and kids love it when you make the extra effort. Say, if you’re holding a Halloween event or you’re expecting a lot of trick-or-treating in your neighbourhood.

Dolphin Plastics can produce custom Halloween-themed poly bags on a roll to suit your aesthetic and functional requirements. Preparing for events can be stressful but imagine how much easier and how much more exciting it would be if you could simply tear off a new bag with a jack-o’-lantern design or witch image to package your Halloween goodies.

If you’re a business wanting to gain that special edge on your competition, substituting everyday plastic bags for Halloween themed bags will firmly imprint your brand on the customer’s mind, turning shopping from an everyday experience into something memorable.


Most people think of centrefold plastic sheeting as simply something to be rolled out when you’re painting the house. Take a moment to contemplate the customisable opportunities that await by using centrefold plastic sheeting as part of your Christmas decorations!

Say you want to create a ‘snow’ theme for a particular room in the house. By customizing the colour and design, you could create the perfect backdrop by unfurling centrefold sheets down the wall. An everyday living room could be turned into a Winter Wonderland overnight with minimal effort! 


Dolphin Plastics have long been experts in the manufacturing of promotional retail bags. But why not customise bags for a personal birthday occasion? You could imprint the name of the Birthday Girl or Boy on the bags in which you deliver their presents – adding that special ‘personal touch’ that makes birthdays so special. Or if you’re hosting a great birthday event – you could send everyone home with personalised gift bags to really make for a memorable occasion. It’s always the little things that make all the difference!

Contact Dolphin Plastics to Keep Up the Festivities!

Festive occasions are meant to be fun, personal and unique. We here at Dolphin Plastics can tailor-make plastic and packaging products to suit your particular needs. Don’t forget that Dolphin is also a specialist in sustainable products – and our range of plastics and packaging products will deliver the maximum creativity and functionality without costing the environment. Contact us today to get a quote and make your festive occasion one to remember!