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Dolphin Plastics & Packaging supplies a truly comprehensive range of specialised plastic packaging in Queensland. We offer a full spectrum of different types of packaging, suitable for a wide range of uses for all businesses and industries.

Vacuum Pouches

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging stock a variety of vacuum bags and pouches. Vacuum bags are extremely popular in many industries as they can be used for a diverse range of applications.

These vacuum bags are also an efficient source of prolonging the shelf-life of packaged food products as they reduce exposure to external environments and atmospheres, minimising oxidisation. Dolphin Plastics & Packaging stock multiple different sizes and gauges of vacuum bags to suit your specific needs.

Vacuum pouch bags are also used in a range of applications for parts supplied with equipment, storage organization, and sealing of some chemically active materials to avoid contamination and interaction with other materials.

Resealable Bags

Resealable bags are used within many different industries. This is because they can be opened and resealed without affecting the structural integrity of the bag. Dolphin Plastics & Packaging stock a large array of resealable bags. These bags are available in various sizes and gauges to suit your application.

Resealable bags are used in many consumer goods applications, too. They’re popular with customers as a reliable type of container for certain products, many types of foods, freezer goods, and other daily needs.

Top Sheets and Pallet Bags

Top sheets and pallet bags are used to protect goods from the elements throughout the distribution, delivery, and storage processes. Pallet bags are designed to fit over an entire pallet and can be taped or heat-shrunk into position. Top sheets are a sheet which covers the top of a pallet. Dolphin Plastics & Packaging stock Top sheets in both clear and black , however we can manufacture Top sheets in any colour that you or your business requires.

Top sheets are also excellent cover for perishable containers, like cardboard or other materials which need additional protection, in transit or on-site. Warehousing professionals and freight companies regularly use these top sheets in combination with pallet bags for all-round protection.

Bin Liners

Dolphin Plastics can manufacture bin liners to fit any sized bin, storage tub or container. Liners can be customized to your specific requirements. Bin liners are excellent options for reducing the risk of contamination from materials deposited in bins, which also reduces cleaning requirements and improves on-site hygiene.

Image of an vaccum bags and cartons covered with pallet bags

Custom Packaging

If you are interested in custom packaging, we offer customisation services for businesses in need of individualised lining or other types of specialised packaging. We provide our custom services for a wide range of products, from basic retail packaging to asbestos removal suiting regulatory compliance requirements. Follow our Free Quote link to enquire about, or get pricing on, our stock of customized liners today.

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