About us

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a leading manufacturer of quality polyethylene film products.

We’re a Queensland-based, family owned business, small enough to provide you with personal service and large enough to handle key accounts and manufacture large product runs.

Why Work with Us?

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging are a full-service manufacturer for all types of plastic packaging in Queensland. We have a friendly knowledgeable team to assist with any packaging or plastic enquiry. We service a wide range of businesses and industry sectors with quality solutions as listed:

  • Retail and manufactured boutique packaging, including custom packaging
  • Industrial packaging including a full range of stretch wrap packaging
  • Mining and construction packaging, centrefold, poly bags, poly sheeting
  • Hospital bags, cytotoxic waste bags, clinical waste bags
  • Agricultural packaging and planter bags
  • Asbestos removal packaging manufactured to compliance with asbestos handling and removal statutory obligations

Our Exceptional Experience

Our sales team is knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced. For over 10 years we have been providing quality film products to industry groups from agriculture and hospital supplies to mining and food packaging. We are the industry leaders in Polyethylene film extrusion with combined experience of 22 years in the industry.

The Quality of Our Products

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging have a highly-experienced quality assurance and quality control team. Our experts are dedicated to producing first-class film products that meet customers’ requirements and expectations.

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging have spent years perfecting quality procedures and policies to ensure all orders are handled, manufactured, and tested to meet any specific requirements you may have. We pride ourselves on being leaders in Quality Control and producing only the best quality plastic packaging products.

Key industry groups often have stringent requirements; if you’re working with asbestos removal, anti-static mining explosive bags or food packaging, feel free to ask us for any technical help you may need. We can customize a film product to suit your packaging needs, paying attention to Australian Standards of compliance and creating robust, real-world packaging for demanding roles in industry and retail sectors.

Outstanding Customer Service

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a Queensland-based business, small enough to provide you with personal service and large enough to handle extensive orders.

Our sales team is knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced. Dolphin Plastics ensures you receive the best customer service as we realise that without our valued customers, we cannot grow and improve plastic manufacturing in QLD.

  • We like to know what our customers consider to be good customer service.
  • We have simple terms and conditions regarding customer orders.
  • We take the time to find out our customers' expectations.
  • Our friendly customer service team always follow up on customer feedback and enquiries.
  • We continuously look for ways to improve our level of customer service to our customers.
  • We are certified under the international service criteria of ISO 9001-2015

Environmental Commitments & Policy

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging, we have implemented multiple ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental pollutants. We have installed multiple ventilation machines that minimize the amount of carbon monoxide that is produced throughout the extrusion process. We also have a recycling and pelletizing machine to ensure any waste material produced is recycled and incorporated into other goods to minimize our contribution to landfill.

We also have an on-site recycling program, whereby any recycling of plastic materials that cannot be processed through our on-site recycling facility get sent to a specific recycling plant in Brisbane where they use the recycled material to manufacture a wide range of different plastic products.

Certification & Accreditation

  • CERTIFIED ISO9001-2015


All our products are manufactured in our modern facility located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We are the manufacturer, therefore we can offer the most competitive pricing for quality custom plastic film products and packaging solutions. Both our sales and after-sales teams are knowledgeable, helpful and experienced. We always aim to not only meet, but to exceed our clients expectations.