Industrial Packaging

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging in Queensland. We offer a full range of superior class packaging and related accessories.

Stretch Wrap

Plastic stretch wrap has revolutionized the world of packaging. This plastic packaging is ideal for protecting goods during the delivery process, and is perfect for covering and securing any product. It’s light, cost effective and very reliable as a form of coverage for any type, size, or shape of product.

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging stocks hand stretch wrap, machine wrap and bundle wrap in both black and clear. We can provide a full range of stretch wrap for all industrial uses.

For machine wrapping, we offer a full range of stretch wrap options, from basic product wrapping to industrial-scale wrapping for high volumes. If you’re in need of assistance with managing the wrapping of products, we can also assist with technical guidance and expert advisory services to achieve the perfect, cost-efficient solution.

Packaging Tape

Dolphin Plastics and Packaging also stock a range of packaging tape. We stock brown and clear tape in rubber-backed and acrylic form. Acrylic tape is an industry standard form of packaging tape. Rubber backed tape is a freezer-grade standard of tape that ensures durability at extremely cold temperatures as it does not absorb moisture and will not lose its adhesive properties.

We can also assist with services to help with packaging on an industrial scale. Ask our experts about product-specific types of packaging tape for sealing and the best advice for practice.

Sourcing Industrial Packaging

To source your packaging with us is easy. We can offer ongoing packaging supply services, as well as at-needs ordering services. All you need to do is contact us and speak to one of our packaging specialists about your business needs. We can assist with technical issues, customisation of packaging and any requirements you may have for packaging accessories.

A man rolling plastic and bunch of plastic rolls in studio set up

Ask Dolphin Plastics & Packaging

If you’d like to find out more about our range of industrial packaging in Queensland, call us on 07 5610 5278 or contact us online. Speak to our experts about your packaging needs and we’ll be happy to provide all the services you need.