FROM 25UM – 250UM & 90mm (wide) x 1200mm wide

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging can customise polyethylene bags to suit your individual requirements. Our advanced range comes in sizes from 90mm wide and extends to 1500mm wide. We can also customise these bags in a variety of thicknesses from 25 microns up to 250 microns. We also manufacture poly bags with side gussets.

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging we use a variety of the latest colours and polymer additives. The common polymer additives used in our manufacturing process include:

  • Anti-block:Allows bags to open easily and prevents layers of plastic sticking together
  • Slip: Provides a smoother texture to the plastic and allows each bag to open easier
  • UV: Protects the plastic from UV rays and prevents the plastic from fading
  • Anti-static: Minimizes the static in the plastic
  • Any PMS colour: We can colour match your bags to suit company logos and business branding ensuring uniformity.

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging we use these additives to manufacture customised poly bags. Our bags can be made to suit specific metrics and design requirements for a diverse range of applications while ensuring quality.

Poly Bags on Roll

FROM 25UM – 250UM

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging has the capability to customise polyethylene bags on a roll to suit specific user requirements. These bags have all of the same manufacturing options as the poly bags pre-packaged in a carton.

This form of packaging has the added benefit of being wound on a roll and perforated at the user’s required length(s) for easy tear-off use. This form of plastic packaging is popular within multiple industries. It allows bags to be quickly dispensed by a roller without slowing down the production process.

Eco-Friendly Products

Most people don't know that polythene bags use less energy and resources to create than glass or paper. They are also lighter to transport and made from a natural by-product (of oil). Because of all of this, they have a substantially lower carbon footprint per tonne. We can also include degradable additives in the plastic packaging that enables the film to break down faster, causing less environmental pollution and less strain on landfill resources.

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Customised Poly Bags & Poly Bags On Roll