[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you want bags with a personalized touch for your business? Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a leading manufacturer of retail packaging in Queensland. We can provide a full range of products for all types of business.

Business Values in Retail Packaging

Customised plastic bags and promotional boutique bags have long been acknowledged as excellent marketing assets for promotional needs. For retailers and boutiques, top-quality packaging and branding offers useful promotional opportunities.

The market logic of this type of packaging is simple and cost-effective. Printing your business logo and adding colour to your bags is a great way to promote your name and products and make your company stand out.

Choosing the Right Retail Packaging

Dolphin Plastics and Packaging have been manufacturing retail packaging and boutique bags for years. We uphold the highest standards in quality-assurance so that our retail and boutique bags exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are capable of customising bags to fit the specific requirements of individual companies and boutique stores. This includes printing logos/emblems on bags, manufacturing in any colour or adding a die-cut handle to allow for easy carrying.

Modern plastic retail packaging is very versatile and offers a range of practical solutions for retailers. We also have the capability to manufacture your customised bags in any colour, whether it is a transparent tint to distinguish what your bag is holding or a fully opaque design.

Why Not Use Your Bags for Advertisement?

Our range of manufactured retail bags offers the perfect platform for advertising and attention-grabbing designs. A bright colour, with a clearly distinguishable logo or brand name, is a simple form of additional advertisement for your business and your products.

If you’re looking for something that is more eco-friendly, we stock degradable checkout bags. These bags contain a degradable additive which allows the plastic to breakdown when exposed to light, heat, and oxygen. If stored in the correct conditions, degradable bags have the ability to remain intact for 24 months.


White Plastic Bag & a hand holding Green Apple in Plastic Bag


Sourcing Retail Packaging with Dolphin Plastics & Packaging

We offer a comprehensive range of manufactured retail packaging for our clients. Take your pick of our retail packaging products, from basic boutique bags to customised bags and more.

You can source your custom packaging with help from our packaging experts. We can offer advice regarding packaging specifications and provide all the services you need to create an impressive range of retail bags for your business. 

Talk to Dolphin Plastics & Packaging about Retail Packaging

For more information about our manufactured retail packaging in Queensland, call Dolphin Plastics & Packaging on 07 5610 5278 or contact us online.

Talk to our packaging specialists and discuss your needs in-depth. We’re happy to assist and provide any services, guidance, or support you need.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]