Centrefold and Sheeting

Centrefold is a polyethylene film that has been wound onto a roll and slit on one side. This allows the user to open the plastic sheet to double the width. Centrefold is used in a variety of different industries in a variety of different ways. It is most commonly referred to as builder’s film.

Centrefold Plastic Sheeting Manufacturing

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging custom manufactures centrefold to suit your application. It can be manufactured in a variety of different densities and widths depending on your requirements.

Centrefold plastic is usually ordered in Black or clear polyethylene film. We can also manufacture in any colour, whether it is a tint to distinguish or wrap products in a fully opaque plastic sheet.

Black sheeting is often preferred for companies wanting to conceal and cover products to protect them from sunlight. The black sheeting is fully opaque and provides protection from UV rays as well as full concealment.

Plastic Sheeting Applications

Common applications for centrefold include use on construction sites to prevent moisture seepage, drop sheets for industrial painting, concrete underlay, damp course proofing, garden bed matting, temporary tarpaulins and screening areas.

The low-density polyethylene material promotes durability and flexibility in our highly resilient poly sheeting. Heavy gauge plastic sheeting is ultra-reliable and suitable for the toughest roles in many industries.

We also provide a large array of different interleaving sheets for food packaging in both the seafood industry and butchery industry. If you require tray sheet liners for display fridges or cool rooms, let us know and we can customize the sheets to suit your trays.

We can also help with custom solutions for your poly sheeting. If you require any support or technical guidance with custom packaging, specifications or other issues, our experts will be happy to help.

Contact Us for a Quote and Any Help You Need

Fill in our quote form or contact us online to ask us about any type of centrefold plastic sheeting. If you need to enquire about a specific type of sheeting or you have specific needs, just outline your requirements on the form. We’ll provide any help you need and give you a great deal on your sheeting, too.

Centerfold Plastic Sheeting Rolls & Room Covered With Plastic