Specialised Agricultural Nursery and Planter Bags

Dolphin Plastics and Packaging is a leading manufacturer of agricultural and commercial planter bags and tree protector sleeves in Queensland. We specialise in general and industry-specific sized planter bags.

All our planter bags and potting bags are made to the highest of standards. They also include UV stabilisers to prevent breakdown over very long periods of sun and weather exposure.

Bags and Sleeves

Our bags can be hole-punched in the base and sides to allow for adequate drainage. Need a custom planter bag to meet your farm or nursery-specific requirements? We are able to accommodate your every need.

We manufacture top of the line horticultural grade poly bags, sheet and sleeves manufactured to the highest quality standards. They’re designed to deliver reliable performance without degrading. Agricultural professionals and arborists will recognise the value of these bags, sheet and sleeves as excellent long-life reusable assets, delivering exceptional support for even the heaviest of plants.

We manufacture custom planter bags for:

  • Citrus
  • Avocado
  • Nurseries (grow bags)
  • Macadamia
  • Palm root covers and sleeves
  • Flowers, from planting to resale
  • Tree protector sleeves
  • All trees, grafted and seedlings

Need a different type of bag? We also provide custom manufacturing services for agricultural purposes. We can create custom-designed planter bags to any size and specification you require. All our bags are designed and manufactured to last for prolonged periods in the harsh Australian climate.

Scalable Production

We can deliver custom products on any production scale you need. Whether you're a large commercial nursery or a hard working farmer who needs strong bags for your high-value crops, talk to us.

If you require scheduled production of your bags, we can do that for you, too. Just tell us the specifications and quantities, and give us your timeframes. We’ll deliver on time, to the required specifications.

Ask the Experts

If you need help with technical issues or specifications, or you need different types of planter bags and potting bags, talk to our Queensland team. Fill in our online form and tell us what you need. Our friendly experts will be happy to assist and provide you with any information, advice or guidance you need.


Images Of Plants In Black Bag & Hands Holding A Rectangular Planter Bag

Images Of Plants In Black Bag & Hands Holding A Rectangular Planter Bag