Hospital & Clinical Supplies

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging offers a wide range of products for hospital and clinical waste management. Our products are manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure the safety, proper management and disposal of hospital waste.

Our Hospital and Clinical Products

Our range of advanced medical and clinical products is tailored to deliver both quality and scalability for busy medical facilities. We can manufacture and supply our products according to your needs and requirements. Whether you’re a small specialised clinic or a large hospital, you can order specialized waste bags and enjoy fast delivery.

Specialised Hospital/Clinical Services Bags

For many years, Dolphin Plastics & Packaging has been an industry leader in the production of hospital waste bags and health care facility management solutions. We specialise in Clinical Waste, Cytotoxic Waste, General Waste, and Vented Waste bags for hospitals across the East Coast of Australia.

Standard sizes include 10L, 27L, 50L, 75L, 120L and 240L bags. We also manufacture custom sized bags and liners to suit specific hospital or health care applications.

All bags can feature registered and approved printing with clinical waste and cytotoxic waste symbols for use in all hospital wards, aged care facilities, dental surgeries, veterinary surgeries and other health care facilities.

We are also leaders in producing vented waste bags for use in Mental Health clinics and Mental Health wards. We supply specialized bags to day surgeries across Australia, printed with “Patient Effects”, “Hospital Records” and “Patient Records”.

Image of an Yellow and red biohazard bags on white background

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