Advantages of the Dolphin Manufacturing Process

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging, we do things a little differently. What does that mean? Well, we custom produce and manufacture plastics for many industries while being environmentally friendly.

It is our mission to ensure our clients get value for money with the highest quality  plastic film products.

The Dolphin Difference

Having been in the plastics manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, we know a thing or two about plastic. In fact, our products have helped businesses in varying industries around Australia. These include:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Food

With a combined experience/knowledge base of 83 years, one of our expert team members will be able to assist with any packaging enquiry.

We are constantly refining our methods so we can improve both our products and service to customers. So, what makes Dolphin so different?

Our Products

As a plastics manufacturing specialist in Queensland and Australia, we have many plastic products for clients to choose from and have manufactured thousands of poly film solutions for our clients. These include:

Poly Tube

Poly tube is an efficient packaging solution for loads of different applications. As it can be made into any size or thickness the possibilities are endless. If you are not after a large volume of multiple sizes, we may have a size that will provide numerous packaging solutions.

Centrefold and Sheeting

Usually ordered in either black or clear polyethylene, centrefold sheeting can be manufactured in many densities and widths. This sheeting (black) is often used by companies wanting to conceal their products from direct sunlight. As the sheeting is opaque, it provides protection from harmful UV rays. It is common to see centrefold sheeting used as underlay underneath concrete slabs or garden beds.

It is also used on construction sites to prevent moisture seeping into a worksite. This sheeting is flexible and will last as long as possible with UV protection additives added to ensure the plastic lasts the maximum amount of time under full exposer to the elements.

Asbestos Removal

By far, one of the deadliest building materials to have ever been used, asbestos removal is not easy and needs to be treated with extreme caution. Don’t use cheap imported bags to remove asbestos; call Dolphin Plastics & Packaging. Our bags are manufactured to meet Australian and New Zealand standards for the removal of asbestos and other dangerous fibrous products.


When it comes to plastic and film, you want to be sure you are getting the best available products. Too often, business owners spend good money on film only for it to break, not meet Australian manufacturing standards and fail to provide an appropriate packaging solution for the clients business. Fortunately, with Dolphin Plastics & Packaging film products, that won’t happen.

We can customise all plastic products up to certain sizes and we can even put your logo on it.


Gone are the days where plastic was the enemy to the environment. Thanks to our manufacturing process and years of experience, our plastic products can be manufactured to be bio-degradable.

No matter what industry you are in, we are here to help. Our products far exceed customer expectations, which is why we are excited to help you.

As a leading plastics specialist in Queensland, we are here to assist. For more information about how Dolphin Plastics & Packaging can help you, contact us today on (07) 5493 4133. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have.