Appreciate Your Plastics and Packaging

Plastic is all around us and it plays an important role in our everyday lives. The word plastic derives from the Greek word “plastikos” – meaning “capable of being shaped and folded”. Since WWII, the use of plastic has increased massively. The United Nations has claimed that between 1950 and 2009 plastics production and consumption went from 5.5 million tonnes to 110 million tonnes. And some estimates put today’s consumption at more than 300 million tonnes a year globally.

We often hear the negatives of plastic use, and Dolphin Plastics & Packaging are industry leaders in the provision of environmentally sustainable plastics products. However, it’s also important to appreciate your plastics and packaging and the many benefits it has brought to our lives.

Retail and Food

The food industry would be nothing if it weren’t for plastics and packaging. In terms of hygiene and handling, plastic and packaging have facilitated so many of our food service industries. Think of the plastic that your meat products get sold in – ensuring they aren’t contaminated and that they remain fresh from the time they leave the farm to the time they arrive back home from the supermarket.

Everyday plastics play such a large role in the general retail industry, too. We use different types and sizes of bags for everything from buying apples and bananas to buying boutique jewellery and cosmetics. In retail, so much relies on presentation as well as functionality. Attention-grabbing designs and distinguishing logos set products apart – and communicate values such as brand reliability that customers so frequently rely on.

Medical Plastics

Plastics have played a vital role in the development of modern medicine and general health services – by providing greater hygiene, functionality, and efficiency to the disposal of waste medical products and much else. Hospital wards, dental clinics, aged care facilities and veterinary clinics rely so much on proper plastic waste disposal products.

Specialised bags of different sizes and specifications are required for handling different products, and for proper management of hospitals – for instance, bags for “patient effects”, “hospital records”, and “patient records”.

Construction and Home Improvement

Construction activities require the moving of many products of varying sizes and qualities; plastic has played such a large role in the facilitation of these movements. Whether it’s stretch-wrapping products, pallet bags for shipping, or centrefold sheeting when doing a paint job, plastic makes life so much cleaner and easier.

Modern construction and demolition in Australia often involves the proper removal of hazardous products, such as asbestos, and specially designed plastic products play a vital role in keeping our workers, our citizens and our consumers safe and happy in their lives.

It’s easy to overlook the vital role that plastic plays in our lives, especially for younger people who have had plastic as an everyday necessity from the day they were born. Dolphin Plastics & Packaging provide innovative plastics and packaging solutions across a range of industries, facilitating the handling and movement of products that keep the Australian economy and society moving! Contact us today for a free quote!