How Dolphin Plastics & Packaging Reduces the Carbon Footprint

Every manufacturing company needs to consider the many ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging in Queensland, we are dedicated to adopting the most environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Carbon Footprint Explained

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact that human activities leave on the environment. This speaks more specifically about the greenhouse gases we produce in units of carbon dioxide. This measuring tool makes it easier for companies like us to conceptualise our organisational impact in contributing to global warming.

It is incredibly important to find ways to reduce our carbon footprints. After all, the sharp increase in greenhouse gas emissions is the leading cause of climate change. Climate change affects not only the environment and animal life, but it also affects human health and even the economy.

How Dolphin Plastics Helps

We understand the implications of every one of our actions as plastic packaging manufacturers. Plastics and poly film play an important role in our society. We have collectively come to be dependent on them, requiring plastics for a range of industry applications, from medical to agriculture to mining, construction and more. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility as one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Queensland to make sure our practices are in line with environmental concerns.

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging has implemented a variety of ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental pollutants.

Ventilation Machines

The more greenhouse gas you emit into the environment, the higher your carbon footprint is. We have taken great strides as a company to minimise the number of harmful gases we let out of our factories. The use of multiple innovative ventilation machines allows us to greatly decrease the amount of carbon monoxide and ozone that is produced throughout the extrusion process.

Reducing Landfill Contributions

Landfills are harmful to the environment not only because they pollute local groundwater and contaminate soil, but also because they produce a lot of methane. Methane is the most harmful greenhouse gas. It is 21 times more powerful than CO2.

In order to reduce our own contribution to landfills, we have incorporated a recycling machine that ensures any waste material is recycled and incorporated into other goods.

Recycling Usable Products

We are dedicated to making full use of materials such as plastic film, dried plastic shopping bags and other plastic packaging. This helps us to conserve energy and save the environment. This form of recycling also helps to keep bags and wrap out of our waterways and natural environments.

Onsite Recycling Program

Our onsite recycling program allows us to sort through plastic materials that cannot be processed at our onsite recycling facility. These plastics get sent to a specific recycling plant in Brisbane that can recycle the materials using different machines and processes to manufacture a wide range of alternate plastic products.

CTA: Plastic film products can be made with a lower carbon footprint and Dolphin Plastics & Packaging proves that. Contact us today to learn more.