Five Uses of Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is a remarkably useful product for a range of different applications. It is waterproof, contaminate resistant or sterile and widely used across Australia and the world. The list of things you could use plastic sheeting for is almost inexhaustible. In this article, we will discuss five of these uses in detail.

Heat Shrink Wrap

Plastic heat shrink wrap packaging is one of the easiest solutions for efficient packaging of products using plastic sheets. Think of slabs of food products and a vast variety of consumer items in shrunk plastic packaging. There are multiple different polymers that can be used to perform shrink wrapping. Polyethylene is one of the strongest and most versatile, but polyolefin and polyvinyl chloride are also very popular.

Temporary Surface Protection

Plastic sheeting is enormously efficient at temporary surface protection like drop sheets for painting, table cloths, and medical operating rooms. Using readily disposable or easily cleanable plastic sheets can be highly efficient for both protecting the surfaces and reducing future work load.

Garden Bed Matting

Garden beds can be readily built upon existing soil structures in such a way to prevent the invasion of weeds by using plastic sheets as matting and in the process these mats can help with water retention. Depending upon the type of garden bed being built, it may be appropriate to completely insulate it from the surrounding soil, or it may be better off to use a permeable mat so that moisture and nutrients can travel in a two-way direction through the mat.


Plastic sheets are great for waterproofing all manner of structures, temporary and permanent. Because polyethylene plastic is not water soluble and does not biodegrade in the presence of water, it is perfect for making waterproofing layers.

Building Greenhouses

Many people don’t realise that the manufacturing process for plastic is actually remarkably energy efficient, particularly compared to that of a substrate like glass. For this reason and the associated cost benefit, plastic walled greenhouses are on the rise locally and globally, as the thermal, light transmitting and waterproof properties of poly plastic makes it extremely useful for building greenhouses.

Need Sustainable Plastic Solutions?

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