All about Hospital and Clinical Bags

Whether you run a large hospital or a small specialised clinic, strict health and safety regulations are essential. They ensure the efficiency of your organisation and they protect the safety of staff, patients and visitors.

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging, our products are manufactured to meet strict Australian guidelines. 100% Australian owned, our specialised plastics range is made right here in Queensland. We offer hospital and clinic bags to large and small clinics as well as emergency departments across the east coast of Australia.

Clinical Waste

Clinic waste is a certainty in both large and small medical facilities. Clinical waste bags can be made to suit your companies bin size requirements. All our clinical waste bags are bio hazard yellow and printed “clinical waste” with the clinical waste symbol. We manufacture our clinical waste bags in the following listed sizes, 240lt, 120lt, 75lt, 50lt and 27lt.

Many different clients in different industries use our clinical waste bags, some of which include; Medical Facilities, Dental Facilities, Nursing Facilities, Pharmaceutical Processing and Warehousing Facilities and Veterinary Facilities.

Without proper handling and disposal procedures, this clinical waste has the potential to cause serious injury and infection. Our clinical waste products will ensure you are disposing of your waste accordingly.

Cytotoxic Waste

A by-product of Cytotoxic drug therapies, Cytotoxic waste bags are completely opaque and lavender in colour with “Cytotoxic waste” printed on the bag including the cytotoxic waste symbol. We also provide a variety of sizes and thicknesses from 240lt bags to 27lt bags all any thickness from 50um to 200um. If you require a specialty size or thickness for disposal of your cytotoxic waste we can customize a solution for you.

It is vital that this waste is disposed of in a timely and efficient manner. Your bags and plastics must clearly be labelled as Cytotoxic waste and collected by a registered waste management company.

General Waste

At all medical facilities, General Waste bags are required for disposal of administration to general plant rubbish disposal. We offer clear poly bags printed “General Waste” for use in all facilities and medical businesses.

As a leading hospital plastic bag specialist, we have a number of bag sizes available, from 10L to 240L. We can even provide Black garbage bags for kitchen waste, general rubbish and waste disposal. These black bags are usually used in less strictly controlled waste removal areas.

Vented Waste

General Waste plastic bags with venting holes are vital for specific medical centres, hospitals, mental health facilities. They are clear plastic printed “General Waste” and have 15 small vent holes in the bag.  The vent holes are small enough that waste material will not escape through the holes, however the holes will prevent patient asphyxiation, which is a hazard to mentally ill patients and a risk no medical or clinical service provider can ignore.

Other Services

At Dolphin Plastics & Packaging, we have helped many facilities with their disposal bags, but waste bags aren’t the only thing we have to offer. We understand the importance of patient confidentiality, which is why we supply specialised bags.

These bags can be used by all clinics around Australia and are printed with:

  • Patient Effects
  • Hospital Records
  • Patient Records

No matter how big or small your hospital or clinic is; Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is here to help. For more information about our products, call us today on (07) 5493 4133.