Our Asbestos Removal Bags

The team at Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is committed to the highest quality standard for our safety products and we supply many asbestos removal bags across Australia for a broad array of company uses. But what is asbestos? When do you need to watch out for it? And why choose Dolphin Plastics for your asbestos removal needs?

In this article, we’re exploring asbestos and the best way that you can ensure safe, efficient removal.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a loose term for a grouping of naturally occurring mineral fibres. Asbestos was long utilized in Australia because of its qualities as a building material – its flexibility, tensile strength, chemical inertness, and ability to provide insulation from heat and electricity – and because of its cheap price tag.

Australia was one of the world’s largest Asbestos users per person up until the mid-1980s and mined it until late 1984. Approximately one-third of all homes built in Australia contain some element of asbestos.

Asbestos can either be friable (easily crumbled) and non-friable. Non-friable asbestos usually occurs where mixed with other building materials, such as cement. Friable asbestos poses a particular problem because it more easily becomes airborne and thus inhaled. In any event, both types pose problems where the asbestos is weathered due to use, damaged or crumbled during demolition projects.

When asbestos fibres are breathed in, they can remain deeply embedded in the lungs – causing scarring, inflammation of the lung tissue (asbestosis) and long-term diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma – a rare form of cancer particularly related to asbestos exposure (90% of patients in Australia have confirmed history of asbestos exposure) where cancer occurs on the tissue that lines the body cavities in the chest and abdomen.

Benefits of Dolphin Asbestos Removal Bags  

As a reputable, family owned Queensland company, Dolphin Plastics and Packaging produce all our asbestos removal bags at our Sunshine Coast factory. They are manufactured to 200um thick in conformity with Australian and New Zealand standards relating to the removal of asbestos products and are marked with hazard information as per regulatory requirements.

While we produce generic-sized asbestos bags up to regulatory standards, we also offer custom-made bags for the purposes of undertaking specific asbestos removal activities. We can produce asbestos removal bags on a roll or supply the bags in packs. We can vary sizes and customise other options, as well as provide advice based on our years of experience in the industry. We also supply other products such as centrefold and duct tape to seal off sites from dust contamination.

When Will You Need to Watch Out for Asbestos?

Given how popular asbestos was as a building material in Australia, if your house – or a house that you’re renovating or demolishing – was built before the mid-1980s then it is highly likely that it contains some asbestos materials. Asbestos materials could be have been used in roofs, guttering, wall sheeting, carports, fences and the concrete framework of the house. It’s important to take proper care and precautions if there is a likelihood you’ll be dealing with asbestos.

Speak to the Experts in Safe Asbestos Removal Products

Dolphin Plastics and Packaging are experts in asbestos removal products. We have an experienced team and a reputation for quality of service, products and advice. Contact us today for a quote regarding your asbestos removal needs!