Packaging and Brand Design – How the two work together

When a consumer looks at your product they will always be looking at your product in its packaging. In the case of opaque packaging, the packaging might be all they can see until the product is opened. The kind of packaging, and how much of it there is, influences the bias of the consumer as to which product they will buy from a line-up. In this article we will discuss some of the consumer trends related to packaging and how they affect your brand.

Types of Plastic Packaging

There are many different kinds of plastics that each have different properties and are therefore applicable to different situations. Some are better for flexible applications, some for containing liquids and some come up really well when combined with pigment colour additives. Importantly, some plastics are much better at containing and preserving foods than others in ways that are visually appealing to customers. It is worth investigating which plastic products are most applicable to containing your particular product by talking to a professional plastics supplier.

Transparent or Opaque?

Often the first thing to consider when choosing whether to use opaque or transparent packing is whether your product is photo-sensitive, or if it requires discretion during storage or delivery. Opaque packaging can prevent prolonged exposure to external environmental elements. If there is a reasonable chance that the package will be exposed to sunlight and the product inside is sensitive to light, it is a serious requirement to ensure no damage to the internal contents. For example, this is why bleach is always sold in opaque bottles.

In situations where light is less of an issue, the debate can be centred on aesthetic and branding questions. If you are a no-frills, bare-bone brand with an ethos of transparency, clear packaging could help provide a market edge.

On the other hand, if your product is unremarkable in appearance but your graphic designers are great a fully opaque package will give you the opportunity to advertise your product in an eye-catching way.

Flexible or Rigid?

Flexible packaging is increasing in popularity across all industry sectors because of its variety of applications and its cost efficiency. Flexible packaging is usually compressible once opened meaning it can save space as well.

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