Personalised Plastic Bags: A Marketing Throwback That Works

In the world of digital marketing and social media, it’s not every day that companies use traditional methods of marketing and advertising to promote their brands. There are some sound marketing benefits behind choosing personalised plastic bags for your business.

Let’s go over some of the reasons why you should consider customised poly bags.

Plastic Bags - A Unique and Inexpensive Marketing Tool

We’re all looking for ways to make money and get noticed without spending a lot of money. Providing your customers with customised and branded poly bags can deliver the serious rewards you’re looking for.

Poly bags are lightweight, relatively easy to manufacture, and inexpensive in comparison to other promotional merchandise. These can help support your company’s overall branding without compromising your budget because you are already purchasing poly bags for your business.

Custom bags are an easy way to achieve your marketing goals, by using your existing logo on promotional bags. Designing your custom bags is as easy as deciding what you would like your promotional details or logo to look like. Talking with a sales representative to determine the specific size of the logo that you want printed, the colour of the bag or adding a die cut for easy carrying.

Plain plastic bags may be a bit cheaper, but with customised poly bags, you can print your company’s logo and provide contact information. It’s a walking advertisement that your customers will take everywhere with them.

Brand Reinforcement

The more of your customers that walk around with your logo clearly visible, the more recognisable your brand will be to others. In addition, if you purchase high-quality custom poly bags for your company, customers will probably reuse them. Each time they reuse a bag they are once again promoting your company to others, as well as providing themselves with a subtle reminder of the products or services that you offer.

It’s a classic marketing strategy. When a customer decides that they need or want to buy a product, they’ll remember your brand or logo and are more likely to bring their business to you.

Enforcing an Environmentally Friendly Stance

When you choose personalised poly bags, you also have the option of choosing an eco-friendly option. Dolphin Plastics & Packaging can provide you with the same designs and logo options for your poly bags but in a degradable bag.

The biodegradable additive allows the plastic to break down when exposed to light, heat and oxygen. If your business has a strong stance on environmental sustainability, these poly bags can help reinforce your brand identity.

Personalising high-quality plastic bags for your business is a great marketing tool. To learn more about our retail and promotional bag options or to talk with our staff about your specific requirements, get in touch with Dolphin Plastics & Packaging in Queensland today!