How to Pick the Right Poly Bag for Your Business

Determining how to choose the right poly bag will depend on many factors. Such as what you plan to use them for, and how you would like your product displayed in the marketplace.

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging offers both plain poly bags and poly bags on the roll. As Queensland’s plastic film experts, we can advise you on the best packaging solution for your business.

Benefits of Polyethylene Bags

Many businesses are realising the potential of poly bags for storing items. Not only are they light to transport, but they are also made from a natural by-product of oil, so their carbon footprint is substantially lower per tonne. Manufacturing them requires far less energy and resources than glass or paper, meaning they’re a much more environmentally friendly to produce.

Poly bags are used to ship, store and display a range of products. They can be easily personalised to suit your brand’s needs. They’ll get the job done while offering unbeatable protection, strong seals and cost savings.

What Do You Plan to Use the Bags for?

When deciding which poly bag is right for your business, you must ask yourself what you’re using the bags for.

If you require quick dispensation and a fast production process, then you might consider poly bags on a roll. These give you the convenience of being easily dispensed. These poly bags are wound on a roll and perforated so that you can tear individual bags from the roll quickly and easily.

Now let’s say you run a small lolly shop. You’ll probably want bags in a variety of sizes. Maybe you’d like to add a touch of colour that matches with your brand or a non-slip additive so that your customers can easily open each bag to fill with treats. For this, you’d choose the plain poly bag and speak to someone from our sales team about specific requirements.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

First of all, you want to make sure you choose poly bags that aren’t flimsy. The sides should be well-sealed to keep the contents safe, even in transit. Some bags have zip locks and some can be heat sealed. Others can be secured with a ribbon or a twist tie. We also provide heat sealers to seal the contents with a secure seal.

If you’re concerned about light sensitive products, you can even opt for a UV protection additive that prevents the plastic from fading and protects the contents from the harsh rays.

We also manufacture bags for use with moisture based contents. Our production team can ensure there is a bottom seal on the bag that is water tight. This is especially important for goods that are transported on aeroplanes and must be contained in packaging that cannot leak.

How Do You Feel about Transparency?

Opaque poly bags are great for shipping and gift-wrapping, especially if you mean to keep the contents secret. Clear or tinted options are great for display. You can mix and match with tinted poly bags, especially during the holidays, because it allows you to be festive while still displaying products for customers.

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