Standards for Quality Food Packaging

Proper food storage should never be taken lightly. If you plan to use plastics to store or package foods, it is important that you choose food grade packaging that meets quality food packaging standards.

Read on to learn more about the official standards for food packaging in Queensland, as well as the importance of these standards.

Importance of Quality Food Packaging

Food packaging is incredibly useful. It prevents contamination, allows foods to be transported easily and extends shelf life. In addition, food packaging gives you a surface you can use to label and identify food products.

When choosing your packaging, it is important to pick materials that will not contaminate the food with substances that could migrate from the packaging into the food. Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand stresses the importance of finding food grade packaging that does not pose a public health and safety risk relating to chemical migration from packaging into food.

Food Packaging Regulation in Queensland

Throughout Queensland and Australia, manufacturers are required by the Food Standards Code to ensure that food that comes into contact with packaging is safe. This means that the food packaging you purchase and use must meet these specific requirements. These requirements ensure that the packaging is fit for its intended use and not likely to cause food contamination.

Standard 3.2.2 — Food Safety Practices and General Requirements states:

A food business must, when packaging food –

(a)          Only use packaging material that is fit for its intended use;

(b)          Only use material that is not likely to cause food contamination; and

(c)          Ensure that there is no likelihood that the food may become contaminated during the packaging process.

It is also important that the food grade packaging you use is unable to absorb grease.

Food Grade Packaging in Queensland

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging manufactures Australian-made food grade packaging bags in Queensland. We specialise in providing packaging for the seafood and butchery industries, but we also have a range of general food grade packaging.

We have a quality management system in place that guarantees our commitment to meeting and exceeding the Australian food safety standards. We have the ability to manufacture quality food packaging bags and products in the size and specifications that suits your needs. We stock a range of bags, including:

  • End loader
  • Top loader
  • Mackerel
  • Kirby liners
  • Prawn liners
  • Slap sheeting

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