Stretch Wrap: A Packaging Revolution

The world of packaging is seeing some great new changes and one is the use of stretch wrap in industrial applications. Hand and machine stretch wrap gives you a strong and simple way to secure and protect your loads, whether you plan to transport them or store them. Stretch wrap is a very flexible plastic product that’s useful for many different applications.

Learn more about the benefits of stretch wrap packaging by reading on.

Great Flexibility

Every business has different needs. That's why it's important to use this adaptable product in the way that best suits your needs. For use with manual handheld devices or semi-automatic/automatic stretch wrappers. In order to really fit your specific application, you can customise your stretch wrap based on various grades, gauges, widths and colours.

In addition, because of the nature of the wrap, you can easily stabilise hard-to-stack or odd shaped loads that cannot be easily stacked in a neat configuration.

Strength and Protection

When you choose industrial stretch wrap, you get ultimate protection and strength. They protect your products from environmental elements like dirt, dust and moisture so that you can keep your loads clean and dry, but still visible.

The great strength and security of stretch wrap also give you a way to keep your loads more stable and secure, especially when in transit. Industrial wrap keeps your load in place so that it doesn't shift around, which means that there will be much less chance of damaging your products. Shipping and handling just got a whole lot easier.

Easier Vertical Storage Space

Looking for ways to maximise storage space in your warehouse? Bet you never thought that stretch wrap was the answer! If you combine the power and strength of the wrap with the shape of angle boards, you can stack your load higher on pallets, effectively maximising your cube space during storage or shipment.

Increase Your Productivity

If you want to quickly and easily wrap your loads to secure them, industrial wrap is the way to go. Easy to use and quick to secure, stretch wrap allows you to get more work done in one day for a more productive process overall.

Add Some Extra Strength

Choose our range of packaging tape to complement your stretch wrap. We have both brown and clear tape in rubber backed and acrylic form, both of which have their benefits. For example, acrylic tape is a standard packaging tape used for sealing cardboard or on metal and general packaging, and rubber backed is freezer grade – that gives you durability even at freezer temperatures without absorbing moisture or loosing adhesive properties.

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