The Challenges of Waste Management in Developing Countries

Plastic is a primary global concern, as there are virtually no passive or biological solutions to its spread. It has made its way into the food chain and is now present in the digestive systems of virtually all higher order consumers, including humans. Developed countries are seeing the importance of waste management. However, these processes can be a challenge in developing areas with less environmental regulation and governmental budgets.


One of the primary challenges of waste management is education. Because plastic pollution is a human created problem, it depends upon humans to solve. When humans in one part of the world develop an understanding of how to recycle or reuse a particular product, whether it’s plastic film, plastic sheeting or other plastic packaging materials. it is a great challenge to meaningfully disseminate and share this knowledge so that the whole world can benefit from it.

Technology and Machinery

The global rate of technological innovation and spread of industrialisation is mind boggling from a distance. Up close it is fraught with risks and dangers. One of the biggest issues that have occurred is that the technology for producing packaging materials spread across the globe before and faster than the technology for dealing with the waste of that production. This means countries can have all of the machinery for producing plastic bags years before they have the infrastructure for recycling them, creating a massive problem in the meantime. A solution to this problem is to distribute the machinery, knowledge, education and technology required for recycling at the same time as that for production. The problem with this solution, however, is that many of the players involved in the global distribution of the production machinery are primarily profit motivated, rather than looking at the impact on the environment.


Developing countries often have enough problems distributing products for consumption, and therefore the adequate transportation of waste can be under-resourced and undervalued. It can be difficult for many companies and governments to allocate the funds for the proper transportation of waste to recycling centres without education, and in situations where such centres are a great distance from the point of waste creation.

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