Let’s Look at Quality Control in Plastic Film Products

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging is a reliable and reputable, family owned Queensland business. We have an ongoing commitment to developing and implementing best quality control practices across all our plastic film products, while also respecting and caring for our shared environment.

Because we tailor make so many products for individual industries – food supply, medical, construction, mining, agriculture – we realise that plastic products are far from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model and that quality is as important as quantity.

Centrefold Sheeting

Centrefold sheeting is necessary for many projects, whether protecting furniture during DIY projects, long-term storage or even for decorative purposes. So, you need the right kind for the job. Dolphin Plastics is able to customise our products to suit your needs. Whether it’s manufacturing the sheeting in different densities and widths or manufacturing it in any colour, we can produce the quality and unique centrefold sheeting you need.

For those requiring fully black sheeting to protect from sunlight, Dolphin’s products can be opaque and provide UV-ray protection.

Food Packaging

If you’re in the food industry, it’s essential that you use top-quality packaging to ensure proper hygiene, great aesthetic quality and proper containment of food products.

Dolphin Plastics currently supplies food-grade packaging for a variety of industries, including seafood and butchery. We are able to customise your food packaging needs to type, including colour, size, thickness and other specification requirements. Whether it’s bags on rolls for the service end, or special seafood bags (including top and end loader bags, mackerel bags, prawn liners, Kirby liners, and slap sheeting) – we’ll be able to deliver what you need.

If you’re dealing directly with customers, we can even imprint your logo on the bags – enhancing your brand image!

Mining and Construction Needs

Here at Dolphin Plastics, we have you covered for plastic packaging in the Queensland mining and construction industries. We customise explosive testing and antistatic bags, site safety bags, asbestos removal bags, and soil sample bags. We are able to customise your plastics products by adding a wide variety of additives to fulfil specific requirements – including added UV protection and biodegradable bags.

Our experienced team ensures that all products meet relevant industry standards. We are also experienced with varying scales of operation, and can assist with bulk ordering and the ongoing supply of plastic packaging products to suit your variable needs.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

We firmly believe that industry must care for the environment if the environment is to continue to cater for industry. Good environmental policy makes for good business policy. That’s why we’ve taken various measures in our overall quality control process to reduce our carbon footprint and to improve and expedite recycling. When you buy from Dolphin, you know you’re dealing with a plastic supplier at the forefront of environmental concerns.

Dolphin Plastics & Packaging are experts in quality control across a broad array of plastic film products. Check out our other products, keep up to date with our blog, or contact us today to get a free quote!